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Why Choose ICAST Schools?

ICAST Day & Boarding School in Ibadan

We are the International College of Arts, Science and Technology (ICAST Schools), a co-educational nursery, primary and secondary day and boarding school in Ibadan. ICAST has a diverse and inclusive community of learners who strive to achieve academic excellence and personal growth and are positioned to provide foundational learning for 21st-century success.

Students of ICAST School in Ibadan standing  in front of the school building.

We are one of the top private schools in Ibadan, with day and boarding facilities to cater to the educational, psychological and moral needs of our pupils and students. We pride ourselves among the best in foundational learning preparing our pupils and students for lifelong possibilities. 

If you are looking for a quality and affordable school in Ibadan that prioritises learners, then look no further than ICAST Schools, Elebu and ICAST Schools, Challenge.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to stimulate the flair for ART, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in learners through a simplified and practical approach to teaching ART, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY subjects, the cooperation of qualified teachers, and cherished parents/guardians in the pursuit of quality education. Being God-centred, it is our objective to fashion the thoughts and actions of our learners by Godly standards so that their future can be guided, established and defended by divine principles.

Our Vision

Succinctly, ICAST School stands for
*  Bedrock for ARTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY inclination
*  Building Exemplary Behaviours.
*  Maintaining Enviable Standards,
*  Laying Solid Foundations for the child’s future.
*  Contributing richly to national development.
*  Pleasing God in all undertakings.


Our Motto is “Discovery, Pursuance and Achievements of Set Goals”

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