Welcome to the International College of Arts, Science and Technology (ICAST Schools)


ICAST Schools Boarding Facility

ICAST’s boarding facilities are a home away from home for children of all ages. We have friendly, experienced, qualified live-in patrons and matrons who care deeply for the pupils and students under their care. Our patrons and matrons are morally sound and ensure their wards maintain excellent behaviour. We have a record of zero tolerance for bullying in our school and especially in the boarding facilities. Of course, the male and female hostels are properly separated.

Front of ICAST Boarding Facility showing male and feale hostel entry

Also, we have a sickbay with well-experienced and qualified paediatricians to take care of the health needs of our pupils and students. We also ensure that they are in a clean, safe and secure environment with comfortable and sturdy bunk beds for only four students in a room.

Security/Guard Dogs at ICAST Schools boarding facility

To improve the minds of our students, ICAST Schools has a well-stocked, updated library that supports reading for pleasure as well as a comfortable home setting common room.

Bunk bed in a room at ICAST Boarding House

And just as we feed the mind, our boarding facilities prioritise feeding the body with healthy meals prepared by our chefs in a standard kitchen.

Kitchen staff at ICAST Boarding school

Our washrooms are equipped with washing machines and we have running water at all times.

Washing Machine at ICASt Schools boarding facility

Our facilities are open to children of all ages. Talk to us to learn more about our facilities and how you can register.