Welcome to the International College of Arts, Science and Technology (ICAST Schools)



ICAST School’s Curriculum 

ICAST Schools operates a Cambridge-certified Nigerian curriculum. Our school’s curriculum covers all the essentials that your child needs to succeed in this 21st century. Starting with the Preparatory/Playgroup class, pupils are taught to explore, learn and create with mentally stimulating activities.

ICAST Toddler Class doing activities from our curriculum

Our Kindergarten program fosters literacy, numeracy, social skills, creativity, and physical well-being in a supportive and fun environment. The children practice recognising and writing their own names, as well as simple words and phrases, listen to stories, and songs, retelling them in their own words; learn about numbers, shapes, and sizes; express their creativity and imagination through drawing, painting, collage, and other forms of visual arts. While in the Nursery classes, we use storytelling and singing as effective tools to enhance your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

ICAST School Students in Preparatory class doing activities from our curriculum

In ICAST Schools Primary/Grade classes, we cover the essential skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We also expose our students to various subjects, such as science, history, geography, art, and music. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in our students.

Pupils of ICAST School, Ibadan taking lessons in the classroom

 Our Secondary school curriculum focuses on giving our students the opportunity to explore subjects that will enrich their knowledge and skills for their future goals. Whether they want to pursue higher education or explore internship opportunities by taking a gap year, ICAST Schools ensures they are ready. Some of the subjects students will study include Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, History, Geography, Arts, and Music.

Students of ICAST School, Ibadan being attentive to their teachers

ICAST Schools curriculum caters to the education needs of your children from cradle to secondary school, and this is why our children have always come up tops wherever in the world they find themselves after leaving ICAST Schools.